What we buy

OSRAM sources a wide range of products and services

Chips & Communication Technology

Conventional & Electronic Control Gears​

Discrete Semiconductors​, Electromechanical Components​

Integrated Circuits, Microcontrollers & Memories​

IT Hard- & Software, Product Software​, Printed Circuit Boards

Lighting & Light Management Systems​

Luminaires & Lamps

Coatings​, Connecting Materials & Screws​

Conversion Materials​, Packaging​, Plastics

Punched, Drawn, Bend Parts​

Solder Materials​

Die Casting & Extrusion​

Ceramic Heat Sink/ LED Ceramic​

Lead Wires & Frames​

Optical Parts & Components

Frontend Substrates​

Burn-in Test & Metrology Equipment​

Chemicals​, Glasses​

Magnetic Components​

Metal Components​, Precious Metal​

Rare Earth & Phosphor

Assembly Services​, Consulting​

Constructions / Engeneering, HR Services​

Industrial Services, IT Services​

R&D Services​, Subcontracting​

​Warehouse Services


If you have questions, please contact OSRAM Supplier Management.

Compliance whistleblower system
The Compliance whistleblower system "Tell OSRAM" offers employees as well as customers, suppliers and other business partners the opportunity to report violations of the Business Conduct Guidleines - Secure and confidential.

OSRAM OS Supplier Portal
On this page you will find relevant information for you as a supplier of OSRAM OS.
OSRAM OS Supplier Portal