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An administrative building has more than offices, meeting rooms and the foyer. There are corridors, hallways and stairs, bathrooms, social rooms and cafeterias as well as car parks and the facade. OSRAM Lighting Solutions is your single source of lighting systems which ensure employee comfort, inspire respect for your company, and reduce your energy bill.


Presenting a friendly face to the world

The facade of a company’s main building is like its business card, expressing how the organisation wishes to be perceived. State-of-the-art facade illumination combined with the company logo and other visual elements can be a marketing and design tool reflecting the corporate identity. An adequate protection class and appropriate approvals should be part of the lighting designer’s concept, as well. Floodlights, projectors, LED linear wall systems and ground-recessed luminaires by OSRAM Lighting Solutions bring facades and the companies they represent to the best light.

Parking Spaces

Around-the-clock safety for people and vehicles

More traffic accidents happen in car parks than in busy city streets. Being able to see and be seen is crucial where vehicles move in all directions, especially at the end of a shift. Moreover, a dark and lonely car park at night time is a scary place for anyone. At loading docks with little manoeuvring space, lorry drivers must be able to see where they are going. Broad, shadow-free illumination by OSRAM Lighting Solutions, along with purpose-designed systems for lanes, ramps and exits, creates visual clarity, helping humans find their way and trust their environment while allowing video surveillance personnel to recognise suspicious activities instantly. With a comprehensive range of trunking and motion sensor-controlled light management systems, OSRAM Lighting Solutions enhances safety and helps cut energy costs by dimming lights when no one needs them.

Staff rooms

Create spaces where staff can recuperate

Social rooms, tea kitchens, cafeterias and similar staff rooms should have a friendly atmosphere so employees can truly relax and recuperate during breaks. Lighting should be designed to support well-being, avoiding excessive brightness and glare but giving sufficient illuminance to avoid fatigue. General lighting installations should consist of downlights or pendants lights with a pleasant design. Good colour rendition is important in cafeterias. OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers a full range of luminaires with various illuminance levels and in many different styles to suit your application and provide your employees with a pleasant environment to rest.

Light knowledge: Human-centric light

Bathe in sunlight while working

Human-centric lighting technology is based on the stimulating effects of specific types of light on the human organism. While “cooler” light with a stronger blue component enhances attention, awareness and concentration, “warmer” light with a higher red content has a relaxing effect. By emulating the natural composition of daylight and the way it changes in the course of a day, modern illumination technology can contribute to human well-being and improve work performance in any indoor setting, from offices and industrial workplaces through to homes, schools and hospitals. OSRAM Lighting Solutions is a global leader in bio-active, human-centric lighting technology.

Light knowledge: Public funding

Benefit from government programmes

In many countries governments actively support efforts to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by investing in state-of-the-art, energy-efficient lighting. Some programmes specifically address educational and community institutions, while others are geared towards the business world or private home owners. Whatever the case, it pays to investigate. Inquire with your authorities to find out whether your modernisation or new building project is eligible for public funding support.

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