Lighting solutions for meeting rooms

Set the stage for a successful outcome

Conference and meeting rooms require lighting flexibility to meet varying requirements. A combination of vertical and wall-mounted general light fixtures, movable work area lights and a smart, easy-to-use light management solution by OSRAM Lighting Solutions provides users with a full range of options.

Perfect communication environments

Bio-active light for productive brainstorming

Sharing ideas, delivering lectures and presentations, collaborating on projects, discussing tricky issues, developing visions for the future ‒ meetings and conferences differ greatly in terms of topics, attendance, media and computer use, spatial arrangements, and consequently, lighting needs. Light management systems by OSRAM Lighting Solutions enable organisers to select pre-defined illumination scenarios, adapt them as required, and create ideal, glare-free illumination conditions for a productive meeting. What is more, indirect, bio-active light from large-area overhead luminaires will help attendees remain focussed and productive, and a well-chosen design will enhance the visual appeal of the locale.

Video: LIGHTIFY Pro installation

How to set up the smart wireless lighting control system from OSRAM

LIGHTIFY Pro is the world's first wireless professional lighting system that is set up and controlled by a mobile app. No cable pulling, no walls to lay cables when installing. A lighting control via smartphone or tablet PC. Very simple, very flexible with fascinating lighting features. LIGHTIFY Pro from OSRAM can be installed for example in offices, law firms, medical practices, restaurants, agencies or stores. Give it a go!

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