Lighting solutions for reception areas

An inviting atmosphere for business partners and visitors

The entrance area of your company’s main building is the first impression visitors get. An impression that will shape their expectations and attitude. Present your company in the best light and make visitors and business partners feel instantly welcome while helping them find their way.

Front desk area

Welcome visitors with open arms

When your guests and business partners enter the building, you want them to be at ease and know where to go. Avoid an excessive contrast between outside and inside light conditions. Welcome visitors with a blend of direct and indirect, warm-white light to create friendly atmosphere, and stage the front desk area appropriately so it is recognised at once. Highlight architectural features with accent lights to make the entrance or foyer area come alive, telling visitors a story about your company, its visions and its personality. Use lighting to guide visitors in a way that feels natural to them.

Waiting areas

Making the wait enjoyable

Visitors often have to wait a moment for their contact to arrive. This should be a pleasant experience; guests should never feel neglected or abandoned while waiting. A comfortably-arranged, well-lit seating area will keep visitors happy and relaxed, and bio-active light will support a positive mood and attitude, making sure every moment of your visitor’s stay leaves a positive impression.

Social spaces

Places to recuperate

Break rooms, tea kitchens, cafeterias and other social and non work-related spaces for employees should not be a dull and forgotten world. Show your staff how much you appreciate them by providing friendly areas and spaces where the body and mind can regenerate ‒ and benefit from enhanced employee performance at the workplace! OSRAM Lighting Solutions knows how to blend natural daylight dynamically with artificial lighting to produce the right ambience. Light can be used to stimulate people or help them settle down, let food appear in natural colours and avoid glare for relaxed conversations.

Exhibition spaces

Showcase your company’s potential

There are may ways to express your corporate identity – and many places on your company premises to do so. You want your visitors to know instantly where they are and make them feel at home in your corporate world. Whatever means you choose to achieve this, light should be a key element. From the car park to the foyer, from outdoor spaces through to stairs and corridors, every area your guests pass through is an opportunity for your company to present itself in the best light and create a unique, positive atmosphere. OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers a wide variety of options for general and object-centred lighting which ensure a vivid and memorable visual experience. Light management systems open up creative opportunities, and daylight and motion sensors help you minimise energy consumption.

Corridors, staircases and amenities

Helping people find their way

Light creates space. Architectural details in transit areas such as corridors, staircases and bathrooms can be turned into veritable indoor landscapes by combining various types of lighting fixtures, colours and effects, including daylight, to emphasise visual depth and spatial layers which are pleasing to the human eye. Key elements such as seating areas, passages, ornaments, doors, lifts or signage can be highlighted using spots and focussed lights, and wall or floor-mounted lights can be installed to improve orientation. OSRAM Lighting Solutions also offers smart light management systems to help maximise energy savings by dimming lights when no human presence is detected, and making optimal use of the available amount of daylight.

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