Lighting solutions for work spaces

Brighten up your employees’ workday

The influence of light on the human organism has been demonstrated in many scientific studies, and modern workplace lighting standards reflect these findings. Human-centric lighting technology by OSRAM Lighting Solutions can improve employee motivation, support a positive attitude and atmosphere, and boost productivity and employee satisfaction.

Computer Workstations

Relief for hard-working eyes

Today many work activities that used to be predominantly manual or physical in nature are done on computers, such as typesetting, technical design or customer service. Computer work is especially strenuous for the eyes. Providing excellent ambient light and glare-free, low-reflection workplace illumination compliant with ergonomic standards helps prevent work-related health issues. Bio-active luminaires with well-balanced colour temperatures, along with indirect light distribution, make sure your employees feel and perform well throughout the day.

Individual or team working areas

Flexibility and economy for every work situation

Awareness. Concentration. Creativity. Human brain cells simply work more efficiently under high-quality light. Office designers have long recognised the need to create friendly, pleasant, open working spaces that boost productivity and encourage communication and team spirit. In modern work environments where a wide variety of projects may require frequent rearrangement of working areas, a well-chosen mix of general, evenly distributed vertical lighting and flexible workplace lights leaves all your options open. Advanced light management systems add multiple ways of conserving energy, putting the light only where it is needed for productivity and comfort.

Multipurpose working areas

Adaptable illumination

A seating area for spontaneous discussions, a team workspace, a lab or drafting room, a library, a communication or break area, a front desk integrated in an open office space ‒ there are countless types of working areas in a modern business, and each one has its own lighting needs. OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers all the flexibility you need to give your employees an environment where they can deliver top performance or select the best lighting for the job at hand. Dynamic systems mixing daylight with artificial illumination as required, emulating the change of natural light in the course of a day to support the natural human bio rhythm, and dimming lights when no one is present, give you the best of both worlds: A happy, highly motivated staff, and cost efficiency.

Standards for computer workstations

Exceeding the norm, setting the benchmark

Computer workstations and other office spaces are subject to the minimum requirements of the European Standard EN 12464-1 for indoor work areas. The standard specifies task-specific illuminance levels and reflection properties, glare reduction, luminous flux density, light distribution, incident angles, colour temperatures and colour rendition. OSRAM Lighting Solutions delivers office space and workstation lighting that meets and exceeds this standard as well as applicable requirements issued by professional and industrial associations. What is more, with its lighting technology for office buildings OSRAM Lighting Solutions has earned numerous awards and obtained various national and international voluntary energy efficiency certificates.

Light levels

Parameters which make the difference

There are two types of office and workspace illumination: General room lighting which provides evenly distributed light everywhere using direct and indirect light sources, including daylight; and individual, workplace-specific solutions for permanent office arrangements, which are especially efficient and functionally effective. To achieve the desired effects on human well-being, awareness and mental performance, the chosen light sources must provide sufficient levels of illuminance, light distribution and luminous intensity (in candela) as well as the right colour temperature (in Kelvin). For example, for kitchens and cafeterias, OSRAM Lighting Solutions recommends 200 lx; for reading and reception areas, 300 lx; and for meeting rooms and work areas, 500 lx.

Glare protection

Pleasant Brightness

Preventing glare from light sources is a key concern for every lighting designer, especially when planning light for work environments. A variety of technical approaches can be used to avoid dazzling effects: cowls and shades, honeycomb louvres, or prismatic optics. Light guide and micro lens technology by OSRAM LS subsidiary Siteco ensures high illumination power without glare by directing the light to the desk surface, minimising reflection and dazzle while making the illuminated surfaces appear even and bright in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

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