New control room of BVG

Berlin transport services - Berlin, Germany

Solar protection on the one hand and standard-compliance lighting on the other – the Berlin transport services invest in CombiSol from Siteco. Up to 21 employees work on computer screens in the new control room of the Berlin transport services (BVG) in Berlin-Friedrichsfelde. The control room was designed completely according to ergonomic needs to ensure that the employees can carry out their work with maximum concentration and attention.


Kategori: Office
Plats: Berlin
Technology: Daylight systems, LED
År: 2015

Added to this is a large glass canopy with a size of 65 square metres. Daylight entering the space via this rooflight is able to positively influence the performance capacity of the BVG employees and maintain concentration over longer periods of time.

At the same time, the Berlin transport services save energy and operating costs. The more daylight that can be used for illumination purposes, the less artificial light is required.

To compensate for the negative effects of sunlight, for example the heating up of rooms or glare, the CombiSol solar- and glare protection system from Siteco was installed in the triple glazing of the roof. This reflects direct "hot" sunlight outwards and allows only diffuse "cool" daylight to enter the control room at an angle of 65° downwards. In this way, standard-compliant, glare-free lighting of the computer screens is guaranteed.


  • Siteco CombiSol solar- and glare protection system


Architect:Trapez Architektur Dirk Landwehr, Hamburg
Client:Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe
Planner:Lichtvision, Berlin

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