Intuitive light control for speakers

Siemens VAI - Linz, Austria

Optically and technically up-to-date: Siemens VAI in Linz relies on LED lighting solutions by Siteco and OSRAM for the refurbishment of a conference room for visitors. Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbH with headquarters in Linz, Austria, constructs systems for the iron and steel industry across the world. Customers and interested parties are correspondingly international, and these often visit the company's headquarters to get informed about Siemens VAI or to discuss business.


Kategori: Office, Architecture
Plats: Linz
Technology: LED
År: 2012

For this reason, conference rooms for visitors and groups of customers are a major element of the office building, and these must fulfil representative purposes in additional to functional needs. As a result, at the end of 2012 a conference room accommodating around 80 people was optically and technically updated.

Attractive surroundings for visitors from all over the world
The aim of Siemens VAI with the refurbishment of the conference room on the one hand was to create an aesthetically high-quality and pleasant ambience for international guests, and on the other to emphasise the image of this future-oriented market leader for presenting the company externally. It was for this reason that an LED solution was mandatory.

Intuitive like control for speakers
But there were also practical considerations: in the past, lighting control in the conference room proved to be complicated for changing lecturers. Scenes were thus desired that could be intuitively controlled by simply pressing buttons.

The solution from Siteco and OSRAM
Mira® recessed LED luminaires from Siteco were installed for general lighting of the conference room. These are dimmable thanks to an integral DALI interface and are controlled centrally via the DMX system on the building side. Various light scenes are pre-programmed and can be called simply via the press of a button by lecturers.

The 4000 Kelvin of the Mira® luminaires ensure natural colour rendition and also a pleasant atmosphere that can be supported with use of supplementary optical design elements. White Osram LEDs for example on DECO FLEX strips ensure indirect ceiling illumination on the upper edges of the walls. These LED strips are also dimmable and can be adapted to the pre-programmed lighting scenes


  • Siteco Mira® LED (square, recessed)


Building developer:Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbH
Architect:Landskron architects offices
Photos:Walter Luttenberger

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