Along with smartphones and tablets, there is also a growing interest in so-called wearables such as watches or fitness bracelets, where only medical measuring methods such as pulse oximetry and heart rate measurement are integrated. OSRAM Opto Semiconductors offers you a great variety of innovative components for modern fitness tracking and health monitoring applications. All score in economic terms as well, as the new technologies for highly efficient LEDs allow for more energy-efficient and compact sensors.


Integrated optical front end for easy integration

  • Emitter and Detector in one package
  • Multi-chip package incl. light barriers to block optical cross talk
  • Reducing design complexity
  • Package size: (WxDxH) 7.5 mm x 3.9 mm x 0.9 mm

Discrete Devices for highest design flexibility

Visible as well as infrared emitters and detectors in several packages

Chip LED Multi Emitter

Featuring different emitters in one package

  • SMT package, red and IR emitter (SFH 7015) , green and red and IR emitter (SFH 7016)
  • Suitable for SMT assembly
  • Available on tape and reel
  • Emitters can be controlled separately


  • Package: white SMT package
  • Chip technology: UX:3
  • Typ. Radiation: 120° (Lambertian emitter)
  • Color: λdom = 536 nm (true green)
  • Corrosion Robustness Class: 1A


  • Chip LED with rectangular die, designed for optimized performance and high chip-to-package size ratio
  • TOPLED® D5140 with big square die and integrated light barriers
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Pulse oximetry