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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and OSRAM have a long standing tradition of investing in R&D and protecting their cutting-edge innovations with intellectual property (IP) rights.

As a result, OSRAM holds an extensive portfolio of IP rights relating to Opto Semiconductor technologies, including thousands of patents and patent applications in all fields along the Opto Semiconductor value chain:

  • Nitride and phosphide epitaxy technologies,
  • LED and laser diode (LD) chip technologies,
  • Wavelength conversion and phosphor material technologies, and
  • LED/LD package and module technologies for a broad variety of applications.

OSRAM’s strong IP position in the field of Opto Semiconductor technologies is widely recognized around the globe. More than 20 LED producers worldwide are licensed under OSRAM core patents relating to phosphor conversion LED (pcLED) technology. This technology is widely used in the industry for the generation of white light based on a nitride chip emitting blue light that is partially converted into one or more other colors by suitable phosphor materials. Our core pcLED patent portfolio comprises more than 80 patents granted in all major markets. Find out more about our valued licensees and our core pcLED patents:

Beneficiaries under OSRAM core pcLED patents (79.0 KB) OSRAM core pcLED patents (126.1 KB)

OSRAM is determined to defend its protected technologies against unauthorized uses. We take action, including legal proceedings, to enforce our IP rights. Please refer to our press releases for more information.

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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors recently entered into a technology and patent
license agreement with X-Celeprint. The agreement covers X-Celeprint’s micro
transfer printing technology.
Osram and Nichia announce to expand IP co-operation
„With this technology we will be able to develop LED products meeting the requirements for
more and more functionality on very small areas. Furthermore, it offers new innovative
approaches to combine different technologies fast and precisely“, says Dr. Martin Behringer, head of the chip pre-development at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors.
Osram and Nichia emphasize the significance of intellectual property (IP) in their business fields and announce their intention to expand the license co-operation.
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