Advanced Power TOPLED

Advanced Power TOPLED - delivering excellent performance and exceptional power

Color and power in a small package

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors' Advanced Power TOPLED is a standout performer, delivering excellent performance and exceptional power. It achieves its high lighting output thanks to its low thermal resistance. The Advanced Power TOPLED is situated between the Power TOPLED and the Golden DRAGON, complementing the mid-power product line.

Strength is not measured by size. The versatile qualities of Advanced Power TOPLED support your design

Strength is not measured by size. The features of Advanced Power TOPLED enable innovative designs.

Small but powerful

The Advanced Power TOPLED is a very efficient package. This line of products offers high performance, due to very low thermal resistance and excellent heat dissipation.

Small and flexible

The Advanced Power TOPLED is available in a wide variety of colors and easy to assemble on PCB with standard SMT reflow, providing enhanced design flexibility.

Small and durable

The Advanced Power TOPLED has an outstanding lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, due to its silicone encapsulation.

Small and compact

The Advanced Power TOPLED features a compact package with a wide brightness range and high luminous efficiency.

Advanced Power TOPLED

So small and yet so powerful. Advanced Power TOPLED

  • Complementing the product portfolio in the mid-power segment
  • Thinfilm/ThinGaN chip technology
  • Maximum brightness for the standard TOPLED size
  • Available in red (625 nm), amber (617 nm), yellow, true green, blue, white and warm white
  • Meeting the high quality requirements of the automotive industry
  • Lead (Pb) free – RoHS compliant
Advanced Power TOPLED for a variety of applications

The Advanced Power TOPLED has become the standard in a variety of applications


  • Exterior: Daytime running light, turn signals, position light, rear combination light, license plate illumination
  • Interior: Map and dome lighting


  • Portable lighting
  • Backlighting for displays

Solid State Lighting

  • Indoor, outdoor, architectural lighting
  • Decorative and entertainment lighting
  • Illuminated advertising
  • Marker lights

A product line that makes the difference.

Advanced Power TOPLED




LR G6SPred625 nm
LA G6SPamber617 nm
LY G6SPyellow590 nm
LT G6SPtrue green528 nm
LB G6SPblue470 nm
LW G6SPwhitex/y 0.32/0.33*
LW G6CPwhitex/y 0.34/0.34*
LCW G6SPwarm whitex/y 0.42/0.40*
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